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    louis vuitton jaspers No crowded mall full of commercial stalls , barrier-free access , the right to rest chairs, indispensable tidy bathroom, convenient IC public telephone , reflect the importance customers everywhere , everywhere considerate service concept.retail industry is currently enjoying : not discount not, nor a discount , the discount may continue or not .Miss Customer Service by broadcasting weather reports , look like a leader who led the staff to pay tribute to the first customers in Chinese, English , Japanese in three languages ??: .Reporters are busy searching New Years gift , after the capital mall at the moment , have taken advantage of " peeping " various business services.Stakeholders particularly intense reaction upstream suppliers , the market is more outgoing Haier announced to stop cooperation with other news Jingdong share prices plunge .

    Reporter first came to a Chinese cotton more stores, none of the price of all the clothes , the reporter had to ask a salesperson : "Miss, this coat how to sell ? " Salesperson : .But really do down , businesses will find all of the buy , the fact that you have a good side to serve users , while the service is good business to be definitely not imagine so comfortable. louis vuitton tivoli gm I saw on the counter filled with all kinds of shoes, a window with a row of shoes just a label , a price .retail sector is very unusual , the business hit a low than a discount , but the discount period has not restricted during the holidays , after the holiday prices remained low.Cold wind and global retail discountWith a series of financial industry and the automotive industry , " down" , retailing has become another round of financial crisis, a "victim .After adjustment by year business forms and meticulous management , as is currently the largest buy site , the U.

    From this industry into the country since the beginning of 2010 , thousands of groups from war to mass death in the past three years has completed the first phase of madness.In short , in the face SHOWROOMING tide , blocking as sparse , blocking as sparse , traditional malls should take the initiative to guide the use of its features with their own reality and make the appropriate adjustments and reforms , with the times in order to continue to develop.800 group buy navigation site recently announced the " buy Chinese market statistics report 2012 " , the data show , based on more than 10 major domestic buy site of continuous monitoring , in 2012 the total turnover of 21.One customer said she was ready to come back in the store the day before closing , "because by then the product will be more expensive . louis vuitton men's shoes A closer look , very clearly states : " yuan promotional price , price reasons : Promotional .What is the reason they survive ? How will find new vitality and value ? Buy a good business ?After the rice has gone through the school and praised those looks entrepreneurship , Wang was once a dream is to lead his team to make a real profitable business .

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